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    SubjectRe: latest mtd changes broke collie

    > >[Plus I get a warning from jffs2 that flashsize is not aligned to
    > >erasesize. Then I get lot of messages that empty flash at XXX ends at
    > >XXX.]
    > The datasheet ref'ed earlier says the chips have a 64KB erase block
    > size, and the sharp driver multiplies that value by an interleave of 4
    > chips to set the erase size. What erase size is set under the new

    I'm currently using:

    .mfr_id = 0x00b0,
    .dev_id = 0x00b0,
    .name = "Collie hack",
    .uaddr = {
    [0] = MTD_UADDR_UNNECESSARY, /* x8 */
    .DevSize = SIZE_4MiB,
    .CmdSet = P_ID_INTEL_STD,
    .NumEraseRegions= 1,
    .regions = {
    }, I should use ERASEINFO(0x40000,16)?

    > setup? cat /proc/mtd or set loglevel for KERN_DEBUG at chip probe time.
    > The new code is setting it based on what was read from the CFI query
    > info reported by the chip times the interleave factor (which apparently
    > should be set as 4 after detecting 4 chips if CONFIG_MTD_CFI_I4=y).

    I do not have collie with me right now.
    Thanks, Sharp!
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