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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/39] NLKD - early/late CPU up/down notification
> I understand that. But you don't see my point, so I'll try to explain
> the background: When discovering the reason for the kallsyms change
> (also posted with the other NLKD patches) not functioning with
> CONFIG_MODVERSIONS and binutils between 2.16.90 and I
> realized that the warning messages from the modpost build stage are very
> easy to overlook (in fact, all reporters of the problem overlooked them
> as well as I did on the first build attempting to reproduce the
> problem). This basically means these messages are almost useless, and
> detection of the problem will likely be deferred to the first attempt to
> load an offending module (which, as in the case named, may lead to an
> unusable kernel). Hence, at least until this build problem gets
> addressed I continue to believe that adding the preprocessor conditional
> is the better way of dealing with potential issues.

Can you elaborate a little what you like to have done to the build

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