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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] GIT 0.99.9g
Junio C Hamano wrote:
> - One important newcomer is git-pack-redundant. It is still in
> "pu" not because I doubt what it does is useful, but simply
> because I have not had a chance to study how it does its
> thing. I expect to fully merge it into "master" before 1.0
> happens.

IMHO git-prune-packed should prune redundant pack files...

> Oh, and we will not be moving things out of /usr/bin/ during 1.0
> timeframe.

:( bummer. I do like the elegance of having /usr/bin/git executing
stuff out of /usr/libexec/git.

/usr/libexec/git also makes it IMO cleaner when integrating git plugins
from third parties (rpm -Uvh git-newfeature), because you don't have to
worry about the /usr/bin namespace.


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