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    SubjectRe: cpuset - question
    JaniD++ wrote:
    > Hello, list
    > I have tried this:
    > [root@dy-xeon-1 dev]# mount -t cpuset none /dev/cpuset
    > [root@dy-xeon-1 dev]# cd /dev/cpuset
    > [root@dy-xeon-1 cpuset]# mkdir cpus_0
    > [root@dy-xeon-1 cpuset]# cd cpus_0
    > [root@dy-xeon-1 cpus_0]# /bin/echo 0 > cpus
    > [root@dy-xeon-1 cpus_0]# /bin/echo 1 > mems
    > /bin/echo: write error: Numerical result out of range
    > [root@dy-xeon-1 cpus_0]# echo 1 >mems
    > [root@dy-xeon-1 cpus_0]# cat mems
    > [root@dy-xeon-1 cpus_0]# /bin/echo $$ > tasks
    > /bin/echo: write error: No space left on device
    > [root@dy-xeon-1 cpus_0]# echo $$ >tasks
    > [root@dy-xeon-1 cpus_0]# cat tasks
    > [root@dy-xeon-1 cpus_0]#
    > The google, and man pages cant help.
    > What can i do?

    Start by telling us what kernel and patches you run, what config option
    you used, etc. Oh, and what you're trying to do...
    -bill davidsen (
    "The secret to procrastination is to put things off until the
    last possible moment - but no longer" -me
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