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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Eagle and ADI 930 usb adsl modem driver
Hi Duncan,

Duncan Sands wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> this code looks like a 'orrible hack to work around a common problem
> with USB modem's of this type: if the modem is plugged in while the
> system boots, the driver may look for firmware before the filesystem

No, it wasn't the problem, even when loading with insmod/modprobe the
timeout occurs on some configurations. For example on, you could
see the 'firmware ueagle-atm/eagleIII.fw is not available' error.

It is only happen for pre-firmware modem (uea_load_firmware) ie where we
just do a request_firmware in the probe without any initialisation before.
So the problem seems to appear when we do a request_firmware too early
in the usb_probe.

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