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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix ext3 warning for unused var wrote:

>On Sun, 09 Oct 2005 23:08:38 BST, Al Viro said:
>>Since when does fsck run fsck.ext3 on filesystems that are not marked
>>as ext3 in /etc/fstab?
>Part of the problem is that if a partition is formatted with mkfs.ext3,
>it gets an ext3 magic number scribbled at a known offset into the partition.
>If you then reformat it with mkfs.reiserfs, that scribbles a different
>magic number elsewhere on the partition, but leaves the ext3 magic number
>intact. As a result, if you forget to update /etc/fstab, fsck.ext3 checks
>for its magic number, finds it, concludes it's probably an ext3, and then
>discovers that everything is totally scrogged.....
>Yes, it's pilot error, but it's definitely hitting your feet with much larger
>caliber rounds than you would have expected... :)

Yep. Needs to get fixed because when you upgrade from a reiserfs
system and try to keep the reiserfs partitions and add a new hard drive
(+1) to
an existing system, you run the risk of corrupting resiferfs partitions.


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