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SubjectRe: [Keyrings] [PATCH] Keys: Add LSM hooks for key management
Chris Wright <> wrote:

> The security check is comparing key label to task label. If it's not
> done 100% in current context, then task must be passed to get access
> to proper label. So, for example, request-key is done by the special
> privileged /sbin/request-key via usermodehelper on behalf of someone else.

Which task(s)? Both the one doing the check, and the one on whose behalf the
check is done?

> > Auditing?
> Hmm, suppose, but auditing is not the charter of LSM. So in this case,
> the previous hook can audit key creation if needed. Just looking to
> avoid hook proliferation if possible.

But you don't know the key serial number at that point, hence why I added the
second hook. I'll drop the second. I can always bring it back later.

> > That's what I was thinking of.
> I see, what would they used for?

I don't know. As far as I know, setxattr and co can be used to set and
retrieve security data on files. I thought it would be desirable to have
similar for keys. If not, I can remove both calls/hooks for the time being.

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