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SubjectRe: [RFC] atomic create+open
> As I believe I said earlier, open by inode number/filehandle/... don't
> exist in the NFSv4 protocol due to the potential for races.

I must have missed this.

Yes, open(O_CREAT) has race problems. Plain open() doesn't. So I
still don't see why you want to use the open-by-name for the
non-create case.

> No. There is no race for setattr() etc since they only do one lookup
> (and they don't set up any state on the server).
> open() is the only case where we currently have to look things up twice
> (and I remind you that the second "lookup" is in fact the OPEN
> operation).

If NFS cannot do open by filehandle, then ->open_create() interface is
not enough obviously.


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