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SubjectDocumenting kernel changes
Hi, I've always found linux changelogs awful: either you read the (too short)
official announcement or the (too long) full changelog.

So I recoleted info from several sources - official announcements, davej's
"post halloween" doc, Guillaume Boissiere's "linux kernel status", LWN,
googling, etc and put (me and FrankSorenson) all the 2.5.0 - 2.6.14-rc info
found in kernelnewbies' wiki:

which is updated even with incoming 2.6.14 features and it's very useful IMO

So I'm sending this message because maybe there's something missing in that
list. I was hoping that kernel developers could take a look and add it themselves
or correct it if something is wrong (or anwer this mail if you don't want to add it
yourself because you hate wikis). I hope you find this useful and can contribute
to keep it updated.
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