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SubjectRe: 3Ware 9500S-12 RAID controller -- poor performance

--- "Ian E. Morgan" <> wrote:

> I have seen some systems on which IRQ load balancing
> can have a detrimental
> effect on some devices such as gigabit Ethernet etc.
> You could try disabling both the irqbalance
> userspace daemon (if that's part
> of your distribution), and in-kernel IRQ balancing,
> if enabled

I don't have a userspace daemon for that, but I'll try
the kernel option.

> For your NIC, try enabling NAPI interrupt
> mitigation, if available. This
> will significantly reduce the interrupt load under
> high traffic volume.

It's always enabled in my configs.

> I guess there's another obvious question that I
> forgot: Do you have the
> 3ware cache enabled or disabled? Are your ext3
> filesystems mounted with the
> 'noatime' option?

Write caching is enabled. I don't have much activity
across thousands of files so noatime is less
ciritical, but the RAID volume is still mounted

So basically I'll try the irq load balancing and see
whath happens.


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