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i have released the 2.6.14-rc3-rt2 tree, which can be downloaded from
the usual place:

the biggest change in this release is the long-anticipated merge of a
streamlined version of the "robust futexes/mutexes with priority
queueing and priority inheritance" code into the -rt tree. The original
upstream patch is from Todd Kneisel, with further improvements, cleanups
and -RT integration done by David Singleton.

robustness is handled by extending the futex framework with
registering/unregistering ops and extended wait/wake ops. Priority
queueing and inheritance is implemented by embedding the rt_mutex object
into the robust-futex structure. This approach made the patches
significantly simpler and smaller (but still not trivial at all) than
e.g. the fusyn patchset was.

the intent of this merge is to provide a testing basis for the new futex
code, with a goal of merging it upstream. The userspace APIs might still
change. These changes should not affect existing futex users. (To make
use of the new capabilities, additional glibc patches are needed.)

Changes since 2.6.14-rc2-rt1:

- robust/PI mutexes/futexes (Todd Kneisel, David Singleton)

- ktimer update (Thomas Gleixner)

- change boot-time locking in the IDE layer, to make mode-setting safer

- mkiss.c build fix (reported by Felix Oxley)

to build a 2.6.14-rc3-rt2 tree, the following patches should be applied:

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