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SubjectRe: [patch 0/5] HW RNG cleanup & new drivers
> > [snip]
> >>Does anyone know if there is a hardware RNG in my Athlons? XP-2800
> >>here, XP-1400 in the shop box, & a K6-III in the firewall.
> > It's a mainboard feature, not a CPU feature.
> And is there a docmentation on how to find which RNG device you have?
> Or is there lsrng (like lspci) :-)
> Most of the device names I have never heard of, but working with 5+ MB vendors and all the different
> models of MB I really have no idea where do I have this and that...
> So, any method of autodetecting a RNG device?
> And a question, I always wanted to ask: is there a cheap hardware random device usable in linux that
> is PCI/USB/serial whatever pluggable? For MBs without RNG in the chipset.

audio-entropyd: use a cheap soundcard for generating entropy (
video-entropyd: use that obsolete webcam for same thing (

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