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SubjectRe: [git patches] 2.6.x libata updates

> > Even so, it's easy, to I'll ask him to test 2.6.14, 2.6.14-git1, and
> > (tonight's upcoming) 2.6.14-git2 (with my latest pull included) to see if
> > anything breaks.
> Side note: one of the downsides of the new "merge lots of stuff early in
> the development series" approach is that the first few daily snapshots end
> up being _huge_.
> So the -git1 and -git2 patches are/will be very big indeed.
> For example, patch-2.6.14-git1 literally ended up being a megabyte
> compressed. Right now my diff to 2.6.14 (after just two days) is 1.6MB
> compressed.
> Now, I've gotten several positive comments on how easy "git bisect" is to
> use, and I've used it myself, but this is the first time that patch users
> _really_ become very much second-class citizens, and you can't necessarily
> always do useful things with just the tar-trees and patches. That's sad,
> and possibly a really big downside.
> Don't get me wrong - I personally think that the new merge policy is a
> clear improvement, but it does have this downside.

Well, git bisect helps a bit, but does not really cut it. If changes are
merged slowly enough, you usually don't need to go through history;
you know it is broken, you know it worked yesterday, and diff is small enough...

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