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SubjectRe: select() for delay.
On Sun, 2005-10-30 at 20:06 +0100, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Maandag 24 Oktober 2005 12:55, wrote:
> > This is regarding select() system call.
> >
> > Linux select() man page mentions " Some code calls select with all
> > three sets empty, n zero, and a non-null timeout as a fairly portable
> > way to sleep with subsecond precision".
> When you make a change to a system call, you should always check
> if the change makes sense for the 32 bit emulation path as well.
> In this case, you should definitely do the same thing to both
> sys_select and compat_sys_select if this is found worthwhile.
> > This patch improves the sys_select() execution when used for delay.
> Please describe what aspect of the syscall is improved. Is this only
> speeding up the execution for the delay case while slowing down
> the normal case, or do the actual semantics improve?

there is something funky about increasing the speed of a delay ;)

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