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SubjectRe: [swsusp] separate snapshot functionality to separate file

> > Split swsusp.c into swsusp.c and snapshot.c. Snapshot only cares
> > provides system snapshot/restore functionality, while swsusp.c will
> > provide disk i/o. It should enable untangling of the code in future;
> > swsusp.c parts can mostly be done in userspace.
> >
> > No code changes.
> I think that the functions:
> read_suspend_image()
> read_pagedir()
> swsusp_pagedir_relocate() (BTW, why there's "swsusp_"?)
> check_pagedir() (BTW, misleading name)
> data_read()
> eat_page()
> get_usable_page()
> free_eaten_memory()
> should be moved to snapshot.c as well, because they are in fact
> symmetrical to what's there (they perform the reverse of creating
> the snapshot and use analogous data structures). IMO the code
> change required would not be so drammatic and all of the functions
> that _operate_ on the snapshot would be in the same file.

No. read_suspend_image/read_pagedir/data_read is image reading. That
does not belong to snaphost. The rest is notthat clear, but I have it
working in userspace.

Image creation is still done in kernel space, but I think that kernel
<-> user interface is going to be cleaner that way, and I do not think
pushing it to user is so huge win.

Yes, names are not ideal, but that will be followup patch.
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