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SubjectRe: what's next for the linux kernel?
On Mon, Oct 03, 2005 at 12:36:20PM -0700, Joe Bob Spamtest wrote:
> The point being: If and when the industry switches its focus to highly
> parallel systems, Linux will shortly follow.

joe: hi, thanks for responding. i believe this to be a very
sound strategy, and given the technical expertise of the kernel
developers i have confidence in their abilities to pull that off.

personally i find that i like a bit of a run-up and/or advance notice
of major paradigm shifts. on the basis that other people might also
want to know, i initiated this discussion yesterday and it seems like
forever already! :)


oh, and joe? my wife is the one with the high horse, not me.
she qualified for the national british dressage championships which
was last month, and came 17th in the country, at elementary
level, on her beautiful pony, blue. i am very proud of her.
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