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SubjectRe: AMD Athlon64 X2 Dual-core and 4GB
Vladimir Lazarenko <> writes:

>>>>Thus, the question - would I be able to use whole 4G RAM with dual-core amd
> and
>>>>kernel with SMP compiled for i686?
>> Why would you use a dual core AMD in 32 bit mode? Just build an x86_64
>> kernel.
>> If you want to use 4GB in 32 bit mode, you *need* remapping (or you lose
>> part of your memory). Remapping means you have MORE than 4 GB of physical
>> address, which means you need PAE to use it at all.
> Because I find my distribution's 64-bit release reasonably unstable yet? :)
> Or can I somehow build an x86_64 kernel and keep using 32-bit libc?

Building a x86_64 kernel is a bit of a trick on a 32bit distro.
You need an appropriate version of gcc, and binutils. But it runs

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