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SubjectRe: X unkillable in R state sometimes on startx , /proc/sysrq-trigger T output attached
On 26 Oct 2005, Dave Airlie said:
> Your getting an X hang which is usually a DRM/AGP or X configuartion problems..

Indeed. As a random example, when I installed my new Radeon 9250 last
week, I flipped the AGPMode to 8 because the card said it was capable of
that... and X went CPU-mad within seconds of starting 3D rendering.
Looking at the kernel logs made the cause clear:

Oct 25 22:09:08 hades info: kernel: agpgart: Putting AGP V2 device at 0000:00:00.0 into 1x mode

Whether the cause was that X thought it was using 8x and the kernel
thought it was using 1x, I don't know, but changing it to 4 brought
everything into agreement and eliminated the hangs.

(This was with

So AGP is indeed one of those things which a misconfiguration of can
cause all sorts of lockup-like problems. (Just like misconfiguring any
of the other buses in the system, I suppose.)

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