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SubjectRe: Weirdness of "mount -o remount,rw" with write-protected floppy
Rob Landley wrote:

> It looks like one bug to me. The initial mount figures out that it's read
> only, and the actual writes fail correctly, but remount isn't checking for
> read only (and thus isn't failing).

Right, but even after remount seemingly succeeds, an attempt to write to
an unwritable media should return an error nevertheless, as the
corresponding syscall should fail, obviously. And it indeed happens for
e.g. CDROM or an NFS volume (if you repeat all the steps from my
original post, "touch" will return an error). Yet for floppy, it
doesn't. I suspect that a "readonly-ness" is defined at a different
level for floppy (e.g. status of the device itself, not media). This is
just a wild guess.


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