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SubjectRe: yet another c language cross-reference for linux
On Thu, 27 Oct 2005, Jon Masters wrote:

> On 10/27/05, Paul Albrecht <> wrote:
> > I have written another cross-referencing tool for the c language because I
> > have been dissatisfied with existing tools such as ctags and lxr.
> Ok.
> > I'd like to get some feedback to determine whether other programmers
> > find the program useful
> It seems to be in its very early stages now. I can barely navigate the
> 2.4.31 source and it doesn't offer anything like the functionality of
> lxr. But if you want to, perhaps it's worthwhile developing it further
> and releasing it.

Maybe this is a meta-comment, but I would find it useful
if xvr script (source) files contained (used) some indentation.
I don't see any.

> Your README file suggests that LXR fails because it requires a
> webserver. Personally, I've never seen that to be an issue and find it
> very very useful indeed (although it has limitations and doesn't
> always index every symbol I would want to lookup), especially with
> coywolf keeping an up-to-date lxr for 2.6. Mel Gorman used it for his
> ULVMM book and I'm sure others are using LXR extensively - so it might
> be worth extending that.
> I'd love it if vendors would actually index their kernels with LXR.

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