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Subject2.6.14-rc5-mm1 crypto issues (was Re: intel-agp and yenta-socket issues (was Re: 2.6.14-rc5-mm1
I finally tracked down the root cause of the hangs - I had applied the modsign
patches from the Fedora kernel, and hit several bugs.

1) The hangs in modprobe were caused by a bug in RedHat code (a function returned
a bum pointer instead of NULL, and things went pear-shaped). I've reported this
as bug 171835 in RedHat's bugzilla system. Redhat problem, not yours or lkml's.

2) It turns out that the issue in 171835 only bites if other things have already
gone bad. It turns out that a patch in -rc5-mm1 causes the indigestion.

clean-crypto-sha1c-up-a-bit.patch gives the modsign patches indigestion. I'm not
sure why yet, or who's code is busticated. All I've verified for sure is that
modsign allocates a 20-byte buffer, and with the cleanup patch applied, I'm
seeing different values in buffer[12..19].

It's 4AM, and I'm not going to chase this any further until evening. *yawn* ;)
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