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SubjectLock page with HIGHMEM


I have "little" troubles with HIGHMEM.

The situation:
I have a some pages which allocated via kmalloc(), after this pages is
locked by get_page(). This pages is used in interrupt context, also in
#PF too. When this code working on kernel without HIGHMEM support, then
everything is fine. But when kernel with HIGHMEM then pages will be
unmapped from linear space (i think) and i have a triple exception and
you know that happens further :)
I've try lock pages via get_user_pages, w/wo vma, by set
SetPageReserved , Locked and etc. But nothing.

How i can avoid this problem ? E.g. how i can lock page in kernel and be
assured about that that it will not be unmapped, and can be accessed via
linear address every time ?

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