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SubjectRe: kernel BUG at mm/slab.c:1488! (
On 10/27/05, Ben Greear <> wrote:
> I was compiling with ext3 as a module, then changed to compiling static
> and un-tarred the new kernel over the old (the old ext3 module was still
> in existence.) I re-ran the mkinitrd and rebooted.
> It seems that something still tries to load the ext3 module, and I get the
> BUG seen below. If I remove the ext3 module and re-build the initrd,
> the error goes away.
> I was thinking that at the least, the ext3 module code should somehow
> detect
> that it is already built-in and exit it's load attempt very early (before
> triggering whatever bug it hit).

There was a thread about this some months ago
and two patches were proposed, to either return NULL here or WARN_ON,
and keep going. Neither seems to have been picked up. Maybe people
think this is not a big problem? I would certainly like to see a way
to prevent modules from being loaded multiple times, or when they are
also compiled-in, but aside from returning NULL here in
kmem_cache_create, I don't see a trivial way of doing it.

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