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SubjectRe: Weirdness of "mount -o remount,rw" with write-protected floppy
On Thursday 27 October 2005 06:57, Evgeny Stambulchik wrote:
> The bug is present in both 2.4 and 2.6, and is specific to floppy
> devices. Other RO media I tried (CDROM, RO-exported NFS) are partially
> OK, in the sense that a write attempt returns an error; however, "mount
> -o remount,rw" always returns success (this might be a bug in mount).

Busybox "mount" maintainer's ears perk up to see if this is relevant. (After
all, we have a separate implementation you can try to see if it's a tool

But no, this one's clearly a kernel error. If the kernel is giving write
errors against the device afterwards, than the kernel's internal state
toggled successfully, which is all the mount syscall was trying to do. Mount
is just reporting whether or not the syscall succeeded, not whether or not it
should have. :)

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