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    SubjectTask profiling in Linux
    Hi all.

    I need some help to make profiling of an application on Linux. I need to
    measure the computation time between different points of my program,
    considering only the CPU time that the task has actually executed (i.e.
    without the intervals of time that the task has been preempted by other

    To accomplish that, I can't just read the current time in different parts of
    the program, nor I can set and use a timer, because this wouldn't consider

    I found out that Linux provides the getrusage() syscall which provides the
    information that I need. This syscall also says both user and system times
    used by the task, which is a very useful thing.

    However, it has two main drawbacks:

    - its precision is very low: I'm working with real-time tasks on a Athlon-64
    and I need a more accurate estimation

    - it can't be invoked by a generic task to know the execution time of another

    The only idea that I had is to insert some hooks in the kernel functions and
    use some high resolution timer to compute the time that my task has
    actually executed. This timer starts whenever the task obtains the CPU, and is
    stopped whenever the task yields the CPU.

    Therefore, I just need to know which functions are invoked when a task starts
    executing on the CPU and when it looses the CPU.

    May somebody tell me which are those functions ?

    If somebody has suggestions about how doing this profiling, let me know.

    Many thanks,

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