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SubjectRe: Understanding Linux addr space, malloc, and heap
Vincent W. Freeh wrote:
> First, thanks for all the help and attention. I am learning much.
> I think the focus of this discussion should be on mprotect. I
> understand that spec says it only works on mmap'd memory. So does
> malloc use mmap? If not why does it work at all?
> Probably the most problematic issue, tho, is why does mprotect return 0
> even though it failed to change permissions on the 66th page?

Do you have code that shows this?

I tried to change the example in the mprotect man page to loop N times
(N given on the command line) malloc'ing and mprotect'ing N pages and
then accessing the N'th page and it always gave SIGSEGV, for any N from
1 to 100.

Paulo Marques -

The rule is perfect: in all matters of opinion our
adversaries are insane.
Mark Twain
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