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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Test for sb_getblk return value
    Glauber de Oliveira Costa <> wrote:
    > I'm resending it now with the changes you suggested.
    > Actually, 2 copies of it follows.

    argh. Please never attach multiple patches to a single email.

    And please always include a complete, uptodate changelog with each iteration
    of a patch. I don't want to have to troll back through the mailing list,
    identify the initial changelog and then replay the email thread making any
    needed updates to that changelog.

    Also please review section 11 of Documentation/SubmittingPatches then
    include a Signed-off-by: with your patches.

    > In the first one(v2), I kept the style in the changes in resize.c, as this
    > seems to be the default way things like this are done there. In the other,
    > (v3), I did statement checks in the way you suggested in both files.

    Don't worry about the surrounding style - if it's wrong, it's wrong. Just
    stick with Documentation/CodingStyle.

    Do this:

    if (!bh) {

    and not this:

    if (!bh){

    > Also, sorry for the last mail. I got a problem with my relay, and my mail
    > address was sent wrong before I noticed that. Mails sent to it will probably
    > return.

    The change to update_backups() is wrong - it will leave a JBD transaction
    open on return.

    Please fix all that up and resend. may prove useful,

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