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SubjectRe: VFS: file-max limit 50044 reached

On Mon, 17 Oct 2005, Eric Dumazet wrote:
> What about call_rcu_bh() which I left unchanged ? At least one of my
> production machine cannot live very long unless I have maxbatch = 300, because
> of an insane large tcp route cache (and one of its CPU almost filled by
> softirq NIC processing)

I think we'll have to release 2.6.14 with maxbatch at the high value

Yes, it may screw up some latency stuff, but quite frankly, even with your
patch and even ignoring the call_rcu_bh case, I'm convinced you can easily
get into the situation where softirqd just doesn't run soon enough.

But at least I think I understand _why_ rcu processing was delayed.

I think a real fix might have to involve more explicit knowledge of
tasklet behaviour and softirq interaction.

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