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SubjectRe: PS/2 Keyboard under 2.6.x
Mark Knecht wrote:

>On 10/10/05, Robert Crocombe <> wrote:
>>I have a Microway system based around the Tyan Thunder K8QS Pro
>>motherboard (4x Opterons). Under recent versions of 2.6:
>>the PS/2-connected keyboard becomes unresponsive once the kernel has
>>booted (I can use it to select which kernel to boot in grub -- actually,
>>it must be present to keep the system from whining and asking me to
>>press F1). A USB keyboard works (I am composing this message from the
>>affected machine). I attempted using earlier versions of the kernel,
>>but they do not compile before 2.6.12, and if you go far enough back
>>'make menuconfig' doesn't work (I found and fixed the minor error that
>>was reported, but haven't attempted to build those kernels again).
>I just reported this problem on the Gentoo bugzilla a couple of days
>ago. Here I have a P4HT machine. I had never turned on SMP to use the
>hyperthreading feature. When I turned it on I got exactly the problem
>you talk about. When I went back to UMP it worked fine.
>My keyboard is a wireless thing that had a little dongle to make it
>into ps2. I took that off and used the keyboard as a USB keyboard and
>it works fine under SMP.
>This was on 2.6.13-gentoo-r3 for me.
Have either of you tried the kernel boot option usb=handoff ? I had
similar problems, and this fixed it for me.

Michael Krufky

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