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SubjectRe: "sync" option with usb storage makes it real slow since 2.6.13
    Hi Savar :)

* Savar <> dixit:
> When I mount an usb stick with the option "sync" (USB 2.0) I got a
> writing speed about 15 kbyte/s. Reading is ok (ca. 1 s for 2,3 MB).
> It doesn't matter if trying as root or normal user. I only have to
> unmount the stick and remount it without "sync" and writing is fast.
> That means I write something on the stick (ok it's buffered) and
> then I type "sync" as command and after 1 s it's done (LED from
> usb stick turned off and data were written).

I had *exactly* the same problem. 2.6.13 honors the "sync" mount
option for VFAT, that's the reason.

Even if your device has wear leveling built in, you better not
use "sync" on a flash device. If you search the mailing list archives
(try searching for my nick "DervishD" and "usb-storage") you can see
that this issue was discussed before. I think it was a month ago,
maybe a bit more.

Raúl Núñez de Arenas Coronado

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It's my PC and I'll cry if I want to...
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