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    SubjectRe: starting with 2.7
    > I'm claiming that an IT infrastructure that has to support 2.6 as-is
    > will be wildly more complex and more expensive than one supporting a
    > truly stable one with the same efficiency. It keeps changing. New
    > features must be added that aren't amply tested (and due to the 2.6
    > development structure, ample testing before mainline integration is much
    > more difficult).

    Large IT businesses already deployed 2.6 (SuSE) and will do so more soon
    (Red Hat). These vendors are guaranteeing long term stable maintenance
    of those versions.

    > Ask Linus to start making 3rd party binary module support a reality then.

    Binary module support is pretty irrelevant. Good management of out of
    tree source code recompiling is a much more useful and relevant topic.
    2.6 has caused an inadvertent problem there because with 2.4 it was
    *much* easier to grab 2.4.x and drop in a 2.4.y version of a driver.

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