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SubjectERROR: [PATCH] moxa: Update status of Moxa Smartio driver
This changeset is incorrect. The "1.8" version is for the Moxa mxser
driver. Moxa haven't released any 2.6 driver for the ancient "smartio"
hardware. (Checked this while fixing mxser).

In the mxser case that change and update has now been done.

Please revert this changeset.

Alan (with tty layer hat on)

> ChangeSet 1.2371, 2005/01/08 14:09:24-08:00,

> +***NOTE*** - The driver included in the kernel is not maintained by Moxa. They
> +have a version 1.8 driver available from:
> +
> +
> +
> +that works with 2.6 kernels. Currently, Moxa has no plans to have their updated
> +driver merged into the kernel.
> +
> +James Nelson <> - 12-12-2004
> +

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