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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE 0/4][RFC] Genetic Algorithm Library
Do you have any crossover?  This is critical for GA to work well - 
without it, the algorithm is really only a parallel random search. More
specifically, is step 6 pure copies of a single parents, or can children
inherit tunables from multiple parents?
- Jim

Jake Moilanen wrote:
> ...
> The basic flow of the genetic algorithm is as follows:
> 1.) Start w/ a broad list of initial tunable values (each set of
> tunables is called a child)
> 2.) Let each child run for a timeslice.
> 3.) Once the timeslice is up, calculate the fitness of the child (how
> well performed).
> 4.) Run the next child in the list.
> 5.) Once all the children have run, compare the fitnesses of each child
> and throw away the bottom-half performers.
> 6.) Create new children to take the place of the bottom-half performers
> using the tunables from the top-half performers.
> 7.) Mutate a set number of children to keep variance.
> 8.) Goto step 2.
> Over time the tunables should converge toward the optimal settings for
> that workload. If the workload changes, the tunables should converge to
> the new optimal settings (this is part of the reason for mutation).
> This algorithm is used extensively in AI.
> ...
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