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SubjectKernel cross compile tests

I've been playing with gcc cross compilers lately and set up
a small test suite for linux kernels.
There is a (crude) web page summarizing the results here: .
On the web page you can nicely see that the -bk8 snapshot broke
the build for ia64, ppc64, s390 and sparc. m32r isn't
buildable anymore since 2.6.10.
2.6.10-mm1 is worse with only 4 (alpha, arm, i386, ppc) archs
2.6.10 was quite good with 9 out of 22, 2.6.0 had 8 out of 20.

- for frv I currently don't have a buildable gcc
(I tried 3.3.3 and 3.4.2). There doesn't seem to be a list, web
site, help forum for that arch. Also no entry in the MAINTAINERS
file (2.6.10-mm1).
- for m68knommu I'm not really sure if m68k-linux is the appropriate
toolchain, compiler complains about invalid option 5307
- dito arm26, 'as' doesn't know about 'no-fpu'
- h8300 and sh64 need a 'touch .config' before 'make defconfig'
- v850 is missing a defconfig
- sh defconfig is probably broken
- sh64 'as' has unrecognized option -isa=sh64, from help text
it should probably be 'shmedia'

If anyone has workable configs for the non working archs I
could include them in the tests (better would be of course to
update the defconfig to anything buildable).
I'm trying to do daily runs of defconfig against -bk. I don't
know if it's useful - at least it produces a nice table :-).


ps: I'm aware of the osdl kernel testing pages, but they don't
include that many archs nor do they test bk snapshots.

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