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SubjectRe: [Prism54-users] Open hardware wireless cards
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On Wed, 5 Jan 2005, Luis R. Rodriguez wrote:

> What I think we probably will have to do is just work torwards seeing if
> we can come up with our own open wireless hardware. I know there was
> a recent thread on lkml about an open video card -- anyone know where
> that ended up?

This may be a silly point, but there *was* good 802.11g hardware available
which worked well with the fully open drivers. I presume the
manufacturers are moving to the "softmac" design instead because (for
them) it is cheaper. However, the point is that the working designs are
already there and it may be that buying the existing design which is being
phased out is cheaper for the FOSS community than developing a whole new
open device.

Maybe it would be possible to convince one of the manufacturers that it's
worth their while producing the older design hardware - if there is a
single manufacturer who is making more or less the only hardware that is
guaranteed to work under Linux there is probably quite a market for them.

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