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SubjectRe: APIC/LAPIC hanging problems on nForce2 system.
On Wed, 5 Jan 2005, Martin Drab wrote:

> I'm witnessing a total freeze on my system when the APIC and LAPIC are
> enabled in kernel 2.6.10-bk7.
> The feeze seems to occur whenever there is some heavy interrupt occurance,
> usually high network communication load, or high HDD activity. The freeze
> does not occur after constant time during the heavy interrupt load, but it
> ALLWAYS occurs, and allways after quite a short time. The freeze is total,
> I mean nothing reacts, then, even the cursor on the HW text console stops
> blinking. Only cold reset helps.
> The problem disappears when I turn off APIC and LAPIC (by the "noapic
> nolapic" commands at the kernel boot command line). I tried to turn off
> only APIC (i.e., only "noapic"), at first it seemd to be working, but it
> frozen anyway, only a bit later. I also tried to turn off only the LAPIC
> (i.e., only "nolapic"), but then my HDD was loosing interrupts, so the
> system didn't even boot.
> I also tried the native kernel from MDK 10.1 i586, i.e. and
> it works without any problem with both APIC and LAPIC enabled.
> Does anybody have a clue what could be wrong?

I'm assuming that 2.6.10 is ok?

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