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SubjectRe: Fw: Re: 2.6.11-rc2-mm2
On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 06:21 -0500, Joseph Fannin wrote:

> I'm getting a blank screen with radeonfb on two boxes here as
> well. One is a beige g3, the other is i386; both have PCI Radeon 7000s
> with radeonfb non-modular.
> On the PC I could see the earliest kernel messages in VGA text
> mode before radeonfb took over and the screen went blank -- no
> penguin, and the logo is enabled. Booting with radeonfb:off seemed to
> work except for the module problem in -rc2-mm2:
> On the ppc box I tried both -rc2-mm1 and -rc2-mm2. Both hung and
> then rebooted after 3 minutes, so it seems to be panicing somewhere.
> I backed the massive-radeonfb patch out of -mm2 and radeonfb worked,
> so I got as far as the module thing again.
> So yeah, it's possible that there's something in -mm1 that panics
> my ppc, and radeonfb is just making a blank screen, but it seems more
> likely that radeonfb is panicing. I tried to get netconsole working
> on both machines, but it didn't work out for unrelated reasons.
> Hopefully I'll have more time to poke at this tomorrow; maybe this
> is helpful somehow.

Hrm... indeed, there seem to be a problem, though I can't tell for sure
what's up now, it just works on all the configs I had a chance to test
on. Can you try to boot your G3 with serial console so you can see the
panic message if any ?


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