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SubjectRe: [Wbsd-devel] [PATCH 540] MMC_WBSD depends on ISA
Christoph Hellwig wrote:

>>>Russell, please undo this patch. isa_virt_to_bus() is not dependent on
>>>CONFIG_ISA. It causes problems on x86_64 platforms which cannot enable
>>>ISA support.
>Actually it is, x86_64 just refuses to set CONFIG_ISA despite having
>isa-like devices.
>Either way a new driver shouldn't use isa_virt_to_bus at all but rather
>use the proper DMA API and all those problems go away.
The problem was that the DMA API didn't work for x86_64 when I wrote the
driver. I see now that it has been fixed.
isa_virt_to_bus still works even though CONFIG_ISA is not configured. So
I still think that the ISA dependency should be removed.
I'll move to the new API when I have the time to properly test it.


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