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    SubjectRe: Fwd: Patch to control VGA bus routing and active VGA device.
    On Fri, Jan 28, 2005 at 11:41:16AM -0800, Jesse Barnes wrote:
    > Yeah, I think I understand. We could probably do the same thing on sn2
    > as you do on parisc--add a 'segment 0' offset to the port so that it's routed
    > correctly. I think that's a little less flexible than adding a new resource
    > though, since it makes it harder for drivers to support more than one device
    > or devices on non-segment 0 busses.

    To be clear, the parisc code defines this in include/asm-parisc/pci.h:

    #define HBA_PORT_SPACE_BITS 16
    #define PCI_PORT_HBA(a) ((a) >> HBA_PORT_SPACE_BITS)

    and PCI_PORT_HBA gets used in arch/parisc/kernel/pci.c.

    Offhand, I don't know if ia64 has the equivalent.
    But it sounds like it might need it.

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