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    SubjectRe: Where Linux 802.11x support needs work
    On Fri, 2005-01-28 at 16:38 +0000, Mark Watts wrote:
    > > o Firmware issues
    > > 1) Cisco aironet firmware upload is quite inconsistent, fails with
    > > 5.21 for example. Firmware <= 5.02 seems to be required for using
    > > WEP with most access points. Latest Cisco-provided driver is quite
    > > different than latest in-kernel driver
    > This might explain why I've never managed to get WEP working with my cisco
    > cards...
    > Is there some documentation somewhere on exactly what firmware/driver/kernel
    > versions you need to make WEP work with aironet cards?

    Nope. Cisco-provided drivers (for 2.4-series kernels only) require a
    firmware version of 5.30.17. The in-kernel drivers for the 2.6 series
    don't have the updates necessary to work with that version, and it
    appears that versions of the firmware that are higher than 5.20.x will
    not work for WEP using the in-kernel drivers.

    I have personally tried 5.41 and 5.30.17 on a PCMCIA card and found they
    do _not_ work with WEP. I have also tried versions 5.00.01, 5.02.13,
    5.00.03, and 5.20.07 (?) on both PCMCIA and MiniPCI cards and found them
    to work correctly with WEP-enabled access points.


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