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SubjectRe: PNP and bus association
Randy.Dunlap wrote:

> Pierre Ossman wrote:
>> I recently tried out adding PNP support to my driver to remove the
>> hassle of finding the correct parameters for it. This, however,
>> causes it to show up under the pnp bus, where as it previously was
>> located under the platform bus.
>> Is the idea that PNP devices should only reside on the PNP bus or is
>> there some magic available to get the device to appear on several
>> buses? It's a bit of a hassle to search in two different places in
>> sysfs depending on if PNP is used or not.
>> Also, the PNP bus doesn't really say that much about where the device
>> is physically connected. The other bus types usually give a hint
>> about this.
> Not to take away from your question, but:
> Is there "the PNP bus"? I've seen an ISA bus that (sort of)
> supports PNP, PCI PNP, NuBus PNP, USB PNP, IEEE 1394 PNP, etc.
It's not a physical bus but it is a bus as far as the kernel is
concerned. And that's really my problem. I want it to support PNP, but
also to associate with the physical bus it's connected to.


PS. Your outgoing mail server gives the wrong HELO

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