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    SubjectRe: [RFC: 2.6 patch] drivers/acpi/: possible cleanups
    On Thursday 27 January 2005 18:04, Len Brown wrote:
    > Thanks for the patch Adrian.
    > I agree that this is the right direction to go -- enforcing APIs with
    > the use of static reduces the possibility of programming errors --
    > particularly with many cooks in the kitchen.  Indeed, just on Monday we
    > discussed a patch from Alexey Starikovskiy to do the same thing.
    > The problem is one of logistics.
    > As I've described before, the files with "R. Byron Moore" at the top are
    > dual-licensed so Intel can distribute the core interpreter both as GPL
    > to Linux and also to FreeBSD, HP-UX etc

    Well, I can not speak for Adrian but if I were to submit a patch and state
    that it is also dual licensed you should have no troubles applying it even
    to the core files, right?

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