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Subject[ANN] removal of certain net drivers coming soon: eepro100, xircom_tulip_cb, iph5526

(GregKH cc'd for his deprecated list)

Though this has already been mentioned, I thought I would send out a
reminder. The following net drivers are slated for removal "soon", in
the next kernel version or so:

1) iphase (iph5526 a.k.a. drivers/net/fc/*)

Been broken since 2.3 or 2.4. Only janitors have kept it compiling.

2) xircom_tulip_cb

Unmaintained, and does not work for all xircom 32bit cards. xircom_cb,
on the other hand, works for ALL xircom 32bit cards.

3) eepro100

Unmaintained; users should use e100.

When I last mentioned eepro100 was going away, I got a few private
emails saying complaining about issues not yet taken care of in e100.
eepro100 will not be removed until these issues are resolved.

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