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    SubjectRe: [patch, 2.6.11-rc2] sched: /proc/sys/kernel/rt_cpu_limit tunable

    * Jack O'Quin <> wrote:

    > >> The equivalent rlimits experiment probably requires:
    > >>
    > >> (1) editing /etc/security/limits.conf
    > >> (2) shutting everything down
    > >> (3) logout
    > >> (4) login
    > >> (5) restarting the test
    > >
    > > well, there's setrlimit, so you could add a jackd client callback that
    > > instructs all clients to change their RT_CPU_RATIO rlimit. In theory we
    > > could try to add a new rlimit syscall that changes another task's rlimit
    > > (right now the syscalls only allow the changing of the rlimit of the
    > > current task) - that would enable utilities to change the rlimit of all
    > > tasks in the system, achieving the equivalent of a global sysctl.
    > Sure, we could. That does seem like an enormously complicated
    > mechanism to accomplish something so simple. We are taking a global
    > per-CPU limit, treating it as if it were per-process, then invoking a
    > complex callback scheme to propagate new values, [...]

    this was just a suggestion. It seems a remote-rlimit syscall is
    possible, so there's no need to change Jack if you dont want to - that
    syscall enables a utility that will change the rlimit for all running
    tasks, so you'll get the 'simplicity of experimentation' of a global

    (what you wont get is the ultra-fast time-to-market property of sysctl
    hacks. I know that you'd probably prefer a global sysctl that you could
    start using tomorrow, and i also know that the global sysctl would
    suffice current Jackd needs, but we cannot sacrifice flexibility and
    future utility for the sake of a couple of weeks/months of time

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