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    SubjectLKCD on 2.6 IA64 Linux Kernel
    Hi all,

    I tried using lkcd on a ia64 machine running on 2.6.5-7.111 SuSe Kernel for
    debugging. I configured the swap device as the dump device and I created
    panics,oops to generate dumps. The dump happens in /var/log/dump on a "lkcd
    save" after a reboot. When I use lcrash to trace the task of the process
    that caused the dump, I get some data misalignment errors as listed below.
    And interestingly this happens only for the trace of the process that
    generated the panic/oops. For all other processes in the dump trace is
    giving me the proper output. Looks like the issue is specific to ia64 as I
    did not encounter any such errors on my i386 machine on the same kernel.
    Pointers to any patches or what the problem is will be of help to me.

    >> trace
    lcrash(9187): unaligned access to 0x6000000001185ff7, ip=0x400000000004fa90
    lcrash(9187): unaligned access to 0x6000000001185ff6, ip=0x400000000004fa90
    lcrash(9187): unaligned access to 0x6000000001185ff5, ip=0x400000000004fa90
    lcrash(9187): unaligned access to 0x6000000001185ff4, ip=0x400000000004fa90
    Can't find trace for running task!
    STACK TRACE FOR TASK: 0xe0000001cc458000 (insmod)


    Saravanan S
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