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SubjectRe: [patch, 2.6.11-rc2] sched: RLIMIT_RT_CPU_RATIO feature
Ingo Molnar wrote:
> pretty much the only criticism of the RT-CPU patch was that the global
> sysctl is too rigid and that it doesnt allow privileged tasks to ignore
> the limit. I've uploaded a new RT-CPU-limit patch that solves this
> problem:
> i've removed the global sysctl and implemented a new rlimit,
> RT_CPU_RATIO: the maximum amount of CPU time RT tasks may use, in
> percent. For testing purposes it defaults to 80%.
> the RT-limit being an rlimit makes it much more configurable: root tasks
> can have unlimited CPU time limit, while users could have a more
> conservative setting of say 30%. This also makes it per-process and
> runtime configurable as well. The scheduler will instantly act upon any
> new RT_CPU_RATIO rlimit.
> (this approach is fundamentally different from the previous patch that
> made the "maximum RT-priority available to an unprivileged task" value
> an rlimit - with priorities being an rlimit we still havent made RT
> priorities safe against deadlocks.)
> multiple tasks can have different rlimits as well, and the scheduler
> interprets it the following way: it maintains a per-CPU "RT CPU use"
> load-average value and compares it against the per-task rlimit. If e.g.
> the task says "i'm in the 60% range" and the current average is 70%,
> then the scheduler delays this RT task - if the next task has an 80%
> rlimit then it will be allowed to run. This logic is straightforward and
> can be used as a further control mechanism against runaway highprio RT
> tasks.

Very nice. I like the way this approach is evolving.

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