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SubjectRe: [PATCH]sched: Isochronous class v2 for unprivileged soft rt scheduling
Jack O'Quin <> writes:
> I ran three sets of tests with three or more 5 minute runs for each
> case. The results (log files and graphs) are in these directories...
> 1) sched-fifo -- as a baseline
> 2) sched-iso -- Con's scheduler, no privileges
> 3) nice-20 -- Ingo's "nice --20" scheduler hack

> I had some problems with the y2 graph axis (for XRUN and DELAY). In
> most of the graphs it is unreadable. In some it is inconsistent. I
> hacked on the script several times, trying to set
> readable values, mostly without success. There is too much variation
> in those numbers. So, be careful reading and comparing that
> information. Some xruns look better or worse than they really are.

I fixed that problem in the script this way...

--- Fri Jan 21 15:23:04 2005
+++ Sat Jan 22 21:21:58 2005
@@ -33,8 +33,8 @@
set ylabel "CPU Load (%), CTX (x1000/sec)"
set y2label "XRUN, DELAY (msecs)"
set yrange [0:100]
- set y2range [0:*]
- set y2tics 0.2
+ set y2range [0:10]
+ set y2tics 2.0
set terminal png transparent small size 640,320
set output "${NAME}.png"
plot \
Now it gives a consistent, readable range for the XRUN and DELAY data.
Anything over 10msec is "off the graph". Successive graphs are easy
to compare visually.

I went back and regenerated yesterday's graphs from the original log
files with this change, so they're all consistent now for comparison

> These tests were run without any other heavy demands on the system. I
> want to try some with a compile running in the background. But, I
> won't have time for that until tomorrow at the earliest. So, I'll
> post these preliminary results now for your enjoyment.

I made more runs today with a compile of ardour running continuously
in the background. These results were much more dramatic than
yesterday's lightly loaded system numbers.

My main conclusion is that on my system sched-fifo works almost
flawlessly, while neither nice-20 nor sched-iso hold up under load.

All the data are here...

in these six subdirectories...

In many runs with both nice-20 and sched-iso, some of the test clients
failed to meet their deadlines and were evicted from the JACK graph.
This was particularly evident under load (see the nice-20+compile and
sched-iso+compile logs). But, looking back at the logs from
yesterday, I see it also happened without the background compilation.
I didn't notice, because the effects were less obvious. But, this may
explain the rather inconsistent results I noted at the time.

This run[1] shows a particularly dramatic example of this phenomenon.
Note the DSP load dropoff around second 140. After that everything
runs fine because almost half of the clients were ejected.


There were *no* client failures in *any* of the sched-fifo runs.

So, I reluctantly conclude that neither of the new scheduler
prototypes performs adequately in its current form. We should get
someone else to duplicate these results on a different machine, if

I'm wondering now if the lack of priority support in the two
prototypes might explain the problems I'm seeing.
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