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SubjectRe: printk loglevel policy?
Alan Cox wrote:
> On Gwe, 2004-12-31 at 02:20, Coywolf Qi Hunt wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>Recently, I've seen a lot of add loglevel to printk patches.
>>grep 'printk("' -r | wc shows me 2433. There are probably 2433 printk
>>need to patch, is it? What's this printk loglevel policy, all these
> You would need to work out which were at the start of a newline - most
> of them are probably just fine and valid

That reminds me of a question I've had inthe back of my head. When you have a SMP
system wouldn't it be possible to have:

CPU 1 (running func1) CPU 2 (running func2)
| |
printk ("foo..."); |
| printk ("bleh\n");
printk ("finished\n); |
printk ("readout from bleh\n";

Is that possible? Especially if the process on CPU 1 slept on a semaphore or
something similar?

Or does printk() do some tracking that I didn't see as to where in the kernel the
strings are coming from?
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