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SubjectRe: PATCH: 2.6.10 - Misrouted IRQ recovery for review
> I saw this message coming out of ac2 with my runaway IRQ 18 problem, so 
> I tried irqpoll, and it just "went away" beyond sysreq or other gentle
> recovery.

That means that the cause of the IRQ that hung your machine was not one
we had any driver for. Thats generally BIOS bogosities on a large scale.
The irqpoll code can recover from cases where an IRQ turns up on the
wrong IRQ line but for a registered driver and when an IRQ fails to turn
up in which case the timer tick picks it up on x86 (which may or may not
make it "useful").

> I suspect that the problem lies in sharing the shared IRQ, and that
> polling doesn't solve the problem, just changes it to a hang witing for
> the misrouted IRQ. Still poking for the real cause, no patch or
> anything, but acpi={off,ht}, noapic, pci=routeirq, etc have no benefit
> (for me).

That wouldn't really fit how the hardware works. You appear to have some
unsupported device connected to that line and asserting IRQ right from


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