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SubjectRe: [PATCH]sched: Isochronous class v2 for unprivileged soft rt scheduling
Con Kolivas <> writes:

> Jack O'Quin wrote:
>> Excellent. Judging by the DSP Load, your machine seems to run almost
>> twice as fast as my 1.5GHz Athlon (surprising). You might want to try
> Not really surprising; the 2Mb cache makes this a damn fine cpu, if
> not necessarily across the board :)

I wonder if most of the critical DSP cycle fits in the cache?

Does it degrade significantly with a compile running in the background?

> Full results and pretty pictures available here:


How do you get rid of that checkerboard grey background in the graphs?

Looking at the graphs, your system has a substantial 4 to 6 msec delay
on approximately 40 second intervals, regardless of which scheduling
class or how many clients you run. I'm guessing this is a recurring
long code path in the kernel and not a scheduling artifact at all.
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